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Guilty until proven Innocent

Solos are always fun for me.. You must be wondering why??? Well the answer is obvious, “NO ONE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE ME, EXCEPT ME!”

Yes! I love the company of others while I stroke my cock and work myself up to ecstasy but what about those sudden urges when you just need a release!? Thats when my right hand becomes my best friend, lol..

Anyways, I really enjoyed this pic set, to me it kinda shows my innocence, or whats left of it… haha

kisses n best wishes

Carmen Moore

Playful is Sexy.

I have to admit that dressing up is the best part of my day. Waking up with a fresh face every morning then slowly as the minutes go by the blank canvass turns into a beautiful work of art:) So when I thought about what to do next, I figured I’d add on a bit more than usual. Hence the wig!

Now this is not something I would normally do, but today I felt a little playful and wanted to show my versatility. I hope you guys enjoy this SET.

…..And remember in the bedroom, “PLAYFUL IS SEXY”..


Carmen Moore


Whoo, what can I say?!

This is definately one hot update. For one I was turned on & attracted to my Co-Star,(is it bad that I forgot his name already?) lol.. Secondly, he was Packing some SERIOUS MEAT! Its very seldom that I can admit I had a mouthful.. haha… Its tickles me to say that I’m HAPPY I can share my pleasureable moments with each and everyone of you…



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Champange kisses, Classy pink

Working with people whom I’d admire way before I got into this business has always been a treat. We are all normal people living normal lives. We just have a different Job title, lol… Im TS Carmen Moore, a living breathing Transsexual pornstar.. haha..

Knowing that I needed to work on more updates for my website I contacted Danielle Foxx(T3G Productions) to do a little camera work for me, She has shot some amazing content and not to mention shes fun to work with.. Alot of creative ideas and Talent.. I know you guys like the pics she has shot of me.. Video is soon to follow

Moore scenes and updates can be found at www.tscarmen-moore.com

kiss kiss

Carmen Moore


Transsexual Babysitters #15 Enjoy

I always get excited to work on new projects, so naturally when I was asked to shoot for Transsexual Babysitters # 15, I agreed. Im very happy with the end results, all the women in this DVD are hot and sexy. Unfortunately I didnt get the cover but Sheeba Star definately has one HOT cover shot.. Ive met her once before in LA, I must say she is one of the sweetest girls in the biz.. Look out for moore of her… you can find her on sites such as shemalepornstar.com and frankstgirlworld.com…

Anyways here are a couple pics I could get ahold of..

I do hope for your continued support and admiration for my work..


Carmen Moore


Round #2 for TS SEDUCTION, a must see

Carmen Moore gives the best blow job in the industry. I’ve said it – bring on the argument! Watch her give head and you may not make it to the other scenes of her fucking his ass and face, GETTING fucked, and cumming. Her mouth is pure magic.
Carmen goes straight for the cock in this update. The guy is naked, his dick hard, her dick hard, and the fucking begins. She sucks him off in a 69, face fucks him and opens his ass up for the first time with her cock. The ass fucking is difficult in the beginning, but by the end the guy is begging for more of Carmen. The load he shoots in the tit fucking scene shows how Carmen’s mouth, cock, and ass will make anyone beg for moore.

I love how Tomcat goes into detail~ check out this scene @ www.tsseduction.com leave comments ! xoxo

kisses n best wishes

Carmen Moore


Transsexual Escorts Vol. 8

I’ve been searching the web and recently came across this DVD in which I have shot a couple months ago, I had no idea that it has been released, haha. But I’m not complaining the cover shot is so hot. I think that you would all agree, leave your comments below!

For Moore hot scenes and updates join www.tscarmen-moore.com


Carmen Moore

dont forget to pic up your copy!

tranny what? TRANNYBOX.com!


Dont forget to check me out @ TRANNYBOX.com by clicking on the link above!


Carmen Moore

keeping it real..


Imma Very SIMPLE girl, it doesn’t take much to make me smile and feel good:-) So for my last photo shoot I decided not to use big lights and no makeup artists, or wardrobe changes, instead I opted for a simple black bikini, and natural daylight, and did my own hair n makeup. lol.. Of course the photographer had to be there, who else would capture me in all these intimate moments..

So here are the results of KEEPING IT SIMPLE..

Stay tune for MOORE to cum!


Carmen Moore

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