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B&W with Tiffany Star

Meet the newest member to the SMC family. Her name is Tiffany Star and she hails from BOSTON, MA. I love Boston! Especially all the HOTTIES well here is one more lil HOTTIE…

This photo set was the first one I have done B&W for my website and it wont be the last:-) Tiffany was so cute coming into the studio that morning, on time and ready to go!!!! She was so eager to meet me and the other girls there. Prior to meeting that day, we have always corresponded via twitter and text messaging but never conversed in person. So when I got the chance to FINALLY  meet her I wanted to do an instant update and she loved the idea as well. We were playful the entire time and she was so sweet. The pics came out amazing and she wanted to stick her LADY COCK in me so bad but our photographer had other ideas, not to mention we were running out of studio time. I know for a fact that this wont be the last time we work together..

look out for this little hottie.






I have been busy with so many different things personally and professionally. But thanks for hangin in there and for your CONTINUED Love and support!..

For the members of my website, you may have already seen the Hot and Steamy updates with Gorgeous Angelina Valentine and Sex Siren Foxxy.. I hope you all enjoyed the fresh new content I have put out for you all.. But for those of you who HAVE YET to become members of my official website, why don’t I show you just how NASTY I can get with 2 GORGEOUS WOMEN… IF YOU LIKE THE PICS, IMAGINE HOW HOT THE VIDEO CAN GET..

Wet kisses/ Sweet wishes,



Guilty until proven Innocent

Solos are always fun for me.. You must be wondering why??? Well the answer is obvious, “NO ONE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE ME, EXCEPT ME!”

Yes! I love the company of others while I stroke my cock and work myself up to ecstasy but what about those sudden urges when you just need a release!? Thats when my right hand becomes my best friend, lol..

Anyways, I really enjoyed this pic set, to me it kinda shows my innocence, or whats left of it… haha

kisses n best wishes

Carmen Moore

Playful is Sexy.

I have to admit that dressing up is the best part of my day. Waking up with a fresh face every morning then slowly as the minutes go by the blank canvass turns into a beautiful work of art:) So when I thought about what to do next, I figured I’d add on a bit more than usual. Hence the wig!

Now this is not something I would normally do, but today I felt a little playful and wanted to show my versatility. I hope you guys enjoy this SET.

…..And remember in the bedroom, “PLAYFUL IS SEXY”..


Carmen Moore

Champange kisses, Classy pink

Working with people whom I’d admire way before I got into this business has always been a treat. We are all normal people living normal lives. We just have a different Job title, lol… Im TS Carmen Moore, a living breathing Transsexual pornstar.. haha..

Knowing that I needed to work on more updates for my website I contacted Danielle Foxx(T3G Productions) to do a little camera work for me, She has shot some amazing content and not to mention shes fun to work with.. Alot of creative ideas and Talent.. I know you guys like the pics she has shot of me.. Video is soon to follow

Moore scenes and updates can be found at www.tscarmen-moore.com

kiss kiss

Carmen Moore


Its Been awhile.

It has certainly been awhile since my last Blog entry. For that I humbly apologize for keeping you all in suspense:-) Ive been taking some time for myself and recently got over a horrible flu. Rest assured I am much better now and starting to get back into the swing of things.

 Lets see, I have been traveling alot between the east and west coasts and my head has been in so many different time zones. Granted Idon’t have any super powers nor am I invincible, I just got sick of it all(literally) lol.. I was spending more time in different airports than I was at home and got so exausted. Finally deciding that I just wanted to be left alone and recover from it all, I have been home for weeks.

Of course after much deserved rest and relaxing in the sun, I’ am feeling 110% I also have some new updates for you all @ www.tscarmen-moore.com

I do hope you guys enjoy..

Remember there is only one Carmen Moore


The Secret Garden…

I look back and wonder how I ever got to this point, lol. Im not complaining nor am I dissapointed. Its not like you wake up one morning and say to yourself ..”I think I wanna become a PORNSTAR” ha! I kinda just fell into it. One day I get asked to take pics in the nude, and I agreed, Next thing you know Im getting refferals and everyone wants to work with me..

Back then I didnt know what I was getting into. I figured Iwould do this to make a quick buck, pay my bills, and pay for school.. lol

Never would I have thought I’d actually make a career showing my cock n balls to you all, haha.. Nevertheless, I am happy with who I am and comfortable with what I do.. At least for now, that is.. We all know in this industry, everyone HAS AN EXPIRATION DATE, oooooooooo!


here are some pics from my latest set.. enjoy ladies n gents..


Carmen Moore

Lipstick on the Nightstand

Its sometimes nerve racking to Film with someone you have never seen or worked with before. Things run through your head like: Will he/she like me?Will we get along? How will he/she act? Will I have a difficult time getting hard? lol

Just random thoughts like these run through my head, lol.. As long as Ive been doing this, I tend to still get nervous before each shoot, right up till the Camera starts rolling. Then POW! Im able to shake it off and put on a show, cause thats what professionals do:)

However, the day that Robert and I worked together was definitely exciting…First off, there was an immediate attraction between us two. Secondly, he was so professional and such a gentleman, even taking the time to wipe off my body before his:) I love little gestures like this. Because we were so drawn to one another, the scene was definitely hot and passionate… I had such a great time and will certainly work with Robert again.

Here are some of the pics I thought you guys would enjoy looking @

Get the tissue box and your favorite lube*

Yours Truely

Carmen Moore

Carmen Moore Robert Christian

love the Red lighting

There is only one Carmen Moore

Lipstick on the nightstand

ITS About Time!

First of all my apologies for not updating as I usually do! Ive been so busy as usual, not to mention dealing with alot in my personal life. Personal relationships, Friends, Family and a recent robbery!

Rest assured I am ok, No one was hurt because no one was home! THANK GOD.. it just makes me wonder though, WTF! I already have enough stress in my life to be dealing with all this, lol.. All I know is that Im a strong person, emotionally and spiritually. It literally takes alot to get me down! My big TV and computer monitors were stolen(thats why I couldent do my updates) hehe.. The thing that puzzles me though is that my CC’s and I.D. were out on my bedroom dresser and were never touched and never charged! humm, could this be the work of someone close to me? or a total stranger.. WHAT DO U GUYS THINK?

Its time I get back into the swing of things and look forward to future ventures..Thanks everyone for your support and kind words! YOU GUYS ROCK!

kisses and best wishes,

Carmen Moore

after all Ive been through I still manage to put on a show for you all..

Dont be tardy to the Party, haha

Weekends are usually a time to let loose. You’ve worked hard all week, sometimes even doing things we really dont want to do lol. So when my weekend comes around, I usually like to hang out with those closest to me and get into a bit of trouble hehe… This weekend was definately one of those weekends where everything felt right; good music, close friends, drinks flowing, and just an all around good vibe….Any how here is what we VEGAS GIRLS have been up too..

hold your breath…


Carmen Moore

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