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Champange kisses, Classy pink

Working with people whom I’d admire way before I got into this business has always been a treat. We are all normal people living normal lives. We just have a different Job title, lol… Im TS Carmen Moore, a living breathing Transsexual pornstar.. haha..

Knowing that I needed to work on more updates for my website I contacted Danielle Foxx(T3G Productions) to do a little camera work for me, She has shot some amazing content and not to mention shes fun to work with.. Alot of creative ideas and Talent.. I know you guys like the pics she has shot of me.. Video is soon to follow

Moore scenes and updates can be found at www.tscarmen-moore.com

kiss kiss

Carmen Moore


One Response to “Champange kisses, Classy pink”

  • michael:

    sweet!! these amazed me you look very hot in pink… pic 2 is on my desktop and i defy anyone who sees it and will call them a liar if they dont admit to at least wanting to jerk off…as i did immediately…as a matter of fact im getting all worked up now that im probably gonna have to go rub one out again at the conclusion of this writing…love that body, keep up the hard cock, i mean work,lol…because its payin off for ya’ sweets,you just get better every day, and if i wasnt b4 iam now a true fan and will always go out of my way to fuck you, even if it is just my hand LOL…ya never know…peace – michael

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