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Guilty until proven Innocent

Solos are always fun for me.. You must be wondering why??? Well the answer is obvious, “NO ONE REALLY KNOWS HOW TO PLEASE ME, EXCEPT ME!”

Yes! I love the company of others while I stroke my cock and work myself up to ecstasy but what about those sudden urges when you just need a release!? Thats when my right hand becomes my best friend, lol..

Anyways, I really enjoyed this pic set, to me it kinda shows my innocence, or whats left of it… haha

kisses n best wishes

Carmen Moore

5 Responses to “Guilty until proven Innocent”

  • wringho:

    Carmen, do you remember the first time you ever masturbated?

    • Carmen Moore:

      i was probably in the 6th grade, geez it was so long ago.. that was the first time i ever came as well

  • wringho:

    Got you a lantern on your wish list, enjoy!

  • chris:

    Carmen i’m Chris I think your really really gorgeous and I love TS girls and I would do anything to feel you deep inside me and have your seed swimming inside me I would love for this to happen I know it never will but i love thinking about it hope to see more of you from a big fan CHRIS

  • dear carmen i would love to make love to you and have you cum in my mouth for the first time and in my butt hole also for the first time i never had the pleasure yet of a tswomen and i would love it if you would be my first i wouldn’t care if you wanted to make it as a video please reply back ed bradley

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