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Playful is Sexy.

I have to admit that dressing up is the best part of my day. Waking up with a fresh face every morning then slowly as the minutes go by the blank canvass turns into a beautiful work of art:) So when I thought about what to do next, I figured I’d add on a bit more than usual. Hence the wig!

Now this is not something I would normally do, but today I felt a little playful and wanted to show my versatility. I hope you guys enjoy this SET.

…..And remember in the bedroom, “PLAYFUL IS SEXY”..


Carmen Moore

2 Responses to “Playful is Sexy.”

  • Dave:

    Very nice change Carm- U look adorable in short hair-U and sis are the best

  • Bill Linden:

    Girl, I think you are so hot I just wanted to say hi & let you know that. If I am not mistaken, a video I had a couple years ago had you saying you are American Indian. I have a great grandmother that was full blooded Cherikee. But seriously, if you dont have a man already in your life, or if you would like one, I am 48 & healthy, looking for something that lasts. Just had to tell you, if you are ever near north Ohio it would be a pleasure to meet you. I dont have much money, but do have a big heart & just want someone beautiful to share this life with. My C # is 440-541-5891. Please dont hesitate to use it if you think to.
    Sincerely interested,

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